Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dark Cowboy + Dead Equine Superset

*Warning. Image heavy post*

One of the biggest sets in terms of size ever released by 3A was the original Blind Cowboy + Ghost Horse superset. The horse itself was a gorgeous work of art cast out of polystone, but remained out of reach due to size, weight and cost on the aftermarket. 

Fortunately for us newcomers, 3A re-released the superset in April this year in the form of a Dark Cowboy + Dead Equine superset. Basically a monotone colour variation of the original set. There are two versions of the set - the Bambaland exclusive which includes a shotgun rifle, posters and the red devil puppet, and the retailer set which doesn't include the extras.

Without further adieu, here are the unboxing pics! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

TKK #1 Oroshi

*Warning. Image heavy post.*

Awhile back at the start of the year, Ashley Wood announced something called the TK Klub, exclusively available only to 2013 3AA members. Thus far, only 3 TKs from the Klub have been sold on Bamba, while the 4th that has been hinted at has yet to come. TKs from the Klub are supposed to be a departure from the previously similar looking TKs, and a return to the 'oldschool sticker boxes'. 

Anyway, after a long wait, TKK #1 Oroshi has arrived! Basically a colour variant of the TK Waza that was a Thai expo exclusive, it puts a spin on the usual TK colours by sporting a maroon tone! There were also two chase variants inserted randomly - a dark interloper and a grey interloper. Sadly, I didn't manage to snag any. 

Here's some unboxing photos of the sticker box - essentially a wider but flatter cardboard box wrapped with a printed on paper. A clean and simple design. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attack of the Shoguns!

*Warning. Image heavy post.*

The rest of the Shoguns have invaded the house, barring a DIY which I may decide not to keep after all. Here's the unboxing of the Gorei/Tsuki 2 pack and the Shadow/Light set. 

Hold out at dumper set first! Front cover art. While it's a nice sketch, I much prefer the artwork on the single Gorei and Tsuki boxes. Looks like I might have to hunt them down, if I can even find them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shogun 7Bones Shiho

*Warning. Image heavy post.*

After a long wait, the Shoguns are here! As usual spam of unboxing pics. Only Shiho featured in this one, as I don't wanna rush the unwrapping of the rest of my Shoguns. 

Cool cover artwork, and both the Tsuki and Gorei singles have their own artwork too! Makes me wish I had bought a set of singles too. Anyway, this one follows the Seven Bones colour theme and numbering.

Custom (Copy) Cleavers

Didn't really take any WIP photos of this, but here's a sneak peek of something I'm working on. Used the same layered technique to make the 'metal' tang and blade, and experimented with a smaller outer layer to cut down on sanding time. Cut it a little too short, resulting in that line between the centre piece and the side pieces.

Tried a different way of making the handle, using balsa wood. Looks a lot more realistic after weathering thanks to the wood grain.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Complete Ten Finger Gang

After much chasing on the secondary market, here they are!

These guys aren't the best value proposition since they're hard to offload, but oh well, expensive thrills of the chase.

Plus a guest appearance by Slaughterhouse DC!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

WWR Peaceday EMGY Dropcloth 1.5

*Warning. Image heavy post.*

After a long wait, my first official Bambaland order has finally arrived! I still recall vividly F5-ing amidst tutorials and lectures to secure the EMGY and GID DCs. Alas, I've decided to give up the GIDs as they are simply too candy and childish-looking for my taste. The Peaceday and EMGY though, are a different story altogether. Some unboxing pictures first.